BuySportsMedia is a service for media buyers and planners, directed at getting the resources needed for a successful marketing campaign together under one roof.
Our system keeps things simple, allowing for the purchasing of just about any avenue in sporting. With options such as radio, TV, print, in stadium, and out of the home around stadiums, we can cover just about every base.
We have both analytical tools and media purchasing options all in one convenient package. Our service allows you to select just about any media you choose to advertise on, and more such as cup holders, sportrons, left field billboards, and souvenir cups. We compile all the information based on where you want to advertise, and get the information and rates straight to you. From there, you can modify it and upgrade or downgrade it as you see fit.
We can get you all the information you need, all at your fingertips.



BuySportsMedia is a subscription based service.

We have a system that allows you to check any particular media sources you’d like to use, such as radio or print, and additionally allows you to select where you’d like to advertise, such as in baseball, soccer, football, etc.

BuySportsMedia is a media planning and buying service that gathers available data on sports advertising, and puts together a list of rates and information for you to use.

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